"Of course you were right, of course."

Now, go ahead and prove it 🔥

Bet and predict events with your crew on friendly wagers

Get the thrill in a friendly way


Bet with your crew.

Create or join groups and get your updated rankings after each game. The goal? Master them all!

Get the thrill.

Bet on games & events without involving your money. Our game is free - built for your thrill.


Earn your badges as you're right.

Never ever miss an opportunity to prove a "toldya you so" ever again!

Get your better profile.

Build your better profile by showcasing your best bests, your rankings, your favorite teams. Yes, you told so.


that's me btw.
think you can beat me?

oh oh yes get ready

warning: you may win 😉

Challenge existing users ✌️

make free friendly bets with friends and experts

Remember this feeling when you're the only one who guessed right?

But no one believed you after?

toldya is a game that allows you to predict outcomes of events - and then rank amongst your friends and colleagues. We're a bunch of friends, building the tool we wanna have. Better than any spreadsheet (and guess what, we're f¨ckin' good on spreadsheets).

Fun. Simple. Better. Like you.


the merrier the better

Create now your own group with friends or colleagues for free.

Also, something cool. Scores are calculated specifically for each group. There are no odds here: your score is based on the popularity of the outcome. The less likely your bet was inside your group, the more you score.

You'll win. 🔥